Frequently Unasked Questions.

These are the questions we’d like to be asked.

How did you get together?
Basically, Alison gatecrashed some BBC drinks and stalked everyone until they agreed to produce a comedy show with her.

Why Live from Kirrin Island?
Because Alison, the producer/writer, really does live on an island – and that’s where we perform and record the shows. It was a throwaway remark by a friend asking how life was “on Kirrin Island” meaning Alison’s home, that stuck.

I’d like to try writing for Live from Kirrin Island. Is that possible?
No. It’s too difficult.

No really I would.
Well, you could try hanging out at the British Comedy Guide where’s there’s lots of help, resource, support, and (mostly) friendly banter to cut your teeth. We invite fellow BCG writers to contribute material on the forum. So if you’re a forum member, you can submit. It’s as easy as that.

Is it true you became an iTunes Top20 comedy podcast on the first episode?
Yes. We weren’t quite prepared for that. Nor was Jimmy Carr, Lee Mack, Chris Moyles or Ricky Gervais.

What type of comedy is it?
That’s probably best summed up in a review on iTunes;

    Episode one is a refreshing breath of fresh comedy air… It reminds you how comedy can be delivered in an uncluttered and light hearted way.

If you like BBC Radio 4 Now Show or Newsjack, you’re bound to like this.

How would you describe your USP?
Live from Kirrin Island is put together and produced entirely by the writers with considerable experience of writing for radio comedy shows – so we know what works and we apply exacting script editing standards as Auntie BBC would demand – our Script Eds have worked on BBC radio shows. The show (with the exception of the occasional Short) is recorded live in front of an audience which gives it a much stronger dimension than many comedy podcasts.

So what’s the future for the show?
We have a strong theme for Live from Kirrin Island. Suitably topical, satirical and with some larger than life characters. We’d like to explore and develop these opportunities fully testing new ideas as we progress. As a team of writers, we’re enhancing and honing our skills as we go along.

Is it a show or a podcast?
It’s both but ultimately it’s the final edited and polished podcast that gives us the reach and listener base the project is aiming at.

iTunes or not?
Our statistics show that over half our downloads are through iTunes as a podcatcher and it remains a vital platform for us.

Why do you think the Live from Kirrin Island podcast has done so well?
The combination of well scripted content from a wide range of comedy writers – then having been subjected to an exacting editing process by a team of experienced writers and then performed to a live audience fills a demand in the podcast market only otherwise occupied by BBC radio comedy shows.

Will you take this show on the road?
Provided we have control of the environment in order to record the podcast ie I wouldn’t relish playing to a loud and noisy pub, however much they might enjoy it – then we’d like to consider taking Kirrin Island to others. There are plenty of venues currently used to record comedy podcasts, we would consider putting on the show in one of them. The experience for the audience would be much like going to a recording at BBC radio theatre. They’re part of the final podcast; there might be pickups and they’d get to hear additional material that doesn’t make the edit.

Could that mean Edinburgh fringe?
Why not! If we felt we had a large enough following to sell tickets, we’d go.

Can anyone write for Live from Kirrin Island?
We’re proud to be, in effect, an “open door” programme. We invite BCG colleagues to contribute material for the show. Anyone can join the BCG forum and so it’s completely open.

Why do you have to be a BCG member to contribute?
The forum is a marvellous location to mingle with like minded people and has been a great supporter of the KI project. It’s also a source of valuable resource and ideas. We want BCG to remain at the heart of KI. It’s also a great way to seek initial comments on your submitted material in order to improve it. The quality of finally considered material is therefore high.

How often will you be publishing episodes?
There will be four to six Live from Ki’s a year with KI Shorts filling the gaps.

What’s your relationship with Brooklands Radio?
BR holds a special place in our hearts as they had confidence in us to schedule the broadcast on 18th June 2012 which was the first airing of Live from Kirrin Island. Brooklands have already said they’d love to broadcast more Live from Kirrin Island – and we would like to offer further material for their broadcast exclusively first.