• Live from Kirrin Island is recorded at The Phoenix, Cavendish Sq

Having fun with episode one

– This is where we shall post photos, videos and quotes from the events on 16th June –

20120619-115228.jpg^ Jan finds a quiet space on the boat

20120619-115253.jpg^ The boys seem happy. L to R: Jack, Ed, Dan, Steve

20120619-115337.jpg^ Jack and the whiteboard of chaos

20120619-115408.jpg^ Angie punching up sketches:”Yesterday was an amazing experience, a huge learning curve and a great opportunity to be involved in a wonderful creative process. There were some brilliant performances and the audience really enjoyed the show.

20120619-115454.jpg^ Getting serious. Script Ed meeting. R to L: Jamie,Stu, David, Angie, Steve, Dan
Stu:”what a great experience it was from start to end, and the astonishing amount Alison did in the space of a day. As a script ed, it was also great to be in such a strong position at the start of the day in terms of sketch and one-liner options to choose from – the power of BCG!
20120619-115600.jpg^ David on the naughty step. “One of the best things I’ve been involved in, ever.

20120619-115628.jpg^ GoogleDocs in action

20120619-115710.jpg^ Working on one-liners. L to R: Angie, Jamie, David

20120619-120442.jpg^ Dan (left) and Steve find something funny in the script
Dan:”Well, frankly that day was fantastic. Great working with everyone and awesome at how it’s all worked out, especially given how tight the timescales were.
20120619-115817.jpg^ Alison with the first ever Live from Kirrin Island script direct from the printers (about 5:30pm)

20120619-115739.jpg^ Steve (left), Dan and Francesca script reading

20120619-115753.jpg^ Sylvia (performer) and Ed rehearsing

20120619-115953.jpg^ After the show, Champagne all round. L to R: Angie, David, Alison, Jamie, Stu, Steve.

Absent friends:-
Stephen:”The whole experience leading up to it was really enjoyable and a real taster of some of what the NewsJack team go through each week. I still can’t believe we’ve gone from nothing to a radio show in 8 weeks.
Andy:”It’s wise to recognise that not everything worked.