Live from KI #4 (Apr 2013)


Credits: Episode Four (recorded 7th April 2013)
Written and performed by:
Alison Pritchard, Alex Perkins, Angie Holford, Dan Sweryt, David Salisbury, Ed DeCesare, Eleanor Green, Francesca Washtell, Jack Horner, Jamie Gladden, Lewis Macleod, Lucy Timms, Neil Tollfree, Rachel Esposti, Stephen Hope-Wynne, Stephen Mawhinney, Steve Holford, and Stu Cooper.

Additional material:
Judgement Dave, Peter McGladdery, Gabby Hutchinson-Crouch, Daniel Edison, Andy Gilderdale, Phillip Dillon, John McGlade, Matt Fishwick and Jane McCutcheon.

Sound special effects: Rohan Pritchard.

The Script Editors were Dan Sweryt, Stu Cooper and Steve Mawhinney. The Producer was Alison Pritchard.

Live from Kirrin Island is a @LippyAlison Production, first broadcast on Brooklands Radio. With thanks again to The Phoenix, Cavendish Square for hosting our recording of Episode 4.

“Terra Amazonia” by Rocavaco, 2010 – Licensed under Creative Commons

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