Neil Tollfree

I created, wrote and performed in Off Target, and Cooper. Both audio sitcoms available as podcasts. Cooper has had 6000 downloads and Off Target 37000. Both reached the top 60 in iTunes.

I won the London sci-fi themed Sitcom Trials in Autumn 2012 and was a finalist in the Sitcom Trials Feb 2013. I have a sitcom in the shortlist for ‘The Sitcom Trials – So You Think You Write Funny’ competition.

I have had material broadcast on Newsjack and am a regular contributor to NewsRevue and Treason Show sketch shows. I have had material used in Sydney based sketch revue, Not Quite Cabaret.

I won a Circalit Sci-fi short story. I’ve have had a short story commended in a Cheerreader competition.

I won the 2008 Miniwords competition. Overall Grand Prize for ‘Who Cares’

Squally winds build dunes of desert sand up against the cars. The lights flicker to green. Nothing moves.

A newspaper catches under his windshield wiper, fluttering in the wind.
Headline: “Chronic apathy is first symptom…”
He wonders how the headline ends.
The lights flicker back to red.