Live from KI #5 (Sep 2013)

Credits: Episode Five (recorded Aug/Sep 2013)
Written and performed by:
Alison Pritchard, Alex Perkins, Angie Holford, Dan Sweryt, David Salisbury, Ed DeCesare, Eleanor Green, Francesca Washtell, Suzanne Bonetti, Suzy Wilde, Jamie Gladden, Neil Tollfree, Rachel Esposti, Stephen Hope-Wynne, Gabby Hutchinson-Crouch, Stephen Mawhinney, Steve Holford, and Stu Cooper.

Additional material:
Benjamin Moore, Michael Monkhouse, Jane McCutcheon, Judgement Dave, Robin Bailes, Matt Fishwick and Jim Spiers.

The Script Editors were Dan Sweryt, Stu Cooper and Stephen Mawhinney. The Producer was Alison Pritchard.

Live from Kirrin Island is a CallBack Production, originally broadcast on Brooklands Radio.

Garden Of The Forking (ft. Neurowaxx)” – J.Lang
Eye Magic Mix” – Lasswell
Sea Decay (ft. cdk)” – Super Sigil
Madrugada a la Gil Evans” – The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra

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